Good Oral Hygiene

By following these Orthodontic tips on oral hygiene, you will be able to maintain healthy teeth, gums, and achieve the smile you’ve dreamed of – a healthy, beautiful one that will last a lifetime

Step 1 – Brushing

BrushingUse a soft toothbrush and start with the outside of the teeth. Hold the brush straight and use circular, vibrating motions. Be sure to clean the area between the bottom of the bracket and the gumline.


Step 2 – Flossing

FlossingFloss at least once a day. A floss threader is required to pull the loss under the wire. Start by pulling the floss through the threader. Next, pull the threader under the wire. Then, curve the floss against the side of each tooth and move the floss up and down against the side of each tooth surface. This must be done between all teeth. Other flossing aids are available for use in between regular flossings.


Step 3 – Interdental Toothbrush

Interdental ToothbrushAn interdental toothbrush (proxybrush) is another brush which will help in keeping teeth, braces and gums clear and healthy. This brush can be used to reach under wire and around brackets. This is a handy brush to carry with you.


Step 4 – Rinsing And Flouride

When you are finished brushing and flossing, rinse your mouth carefully with a fluoridated rinse such as Act®. We may also recommend an additional fluoride paste called MI paste to help prevent white spot lesions. A small pea size amount of this paste should be brushed on the teeth as a final step. Apply this at bedtime and do not rinse.

Waterpik    MI paste